The Kanilai International Cultural Festival

The Kanilai International Cultural Festival

When does it take place?

The Kanilai International Cultural Festival takes place biennially in May or June, alternating with the International Roots Festival.

History of the festival?

The Kanilai International Cultural Festival is organized by the Gambian government and is held in the village of Kanilai, the birthplace of former Gambian President. The festival aims to celebrate and showcase the cultural heritage of the people of The Gambia and other neighboring West African countries.

How long is it?

The duration of the festival varies, but typically lasts for several days.

What to do there?

The festival features cultural performances from various local and international groups, including dance, music, and theatrical displays. There are also exhibitions of local crafts, food, and traditional clothing. Visitors can also participate in various sporting activities, including traditional wrestling.

Can tourists participate?

Yes, tourists are welcome to attend and participate in the festival.

Where is it?

The festival is held in Kanilai, a village in the West Coast Division of The Gambia, located about 160 km from the capital city of Banjul.

How to get there?

Tourists can travel to Kanilai by car or taxi, which can be arranged through local tour operators or hired privately. There are also public transport options available, including buses and shared taxis.