Is Gambia safe for white tourists?

Is Gambia safe for white tourists?

We recently received an email where a British family who never visited Gambia asked us if the country is safe for British, particularly for white tourists.  After responding, we thought it might be a good idea for us to write something that allows people to get an in-depth take on why not only white but all tourists are safe in the Gambia.

Safety is paramount for tourists in The Gambia, as it is in any other travel destination. Tourists want to feel secure when they are on vacation, and they want to be able to explore the country without the fear of harm or danger.

For Gambia Tourism are our biggest asset and no one in the country, people, businesses, or the government wants to see any harm come to it. This is the reason we go out of our way to make sure high-level security is provided to all tourist areas and tourists who visit different parts of the country.

There are several reasons why safety is so important for tourists in The Gambia:

  1. Personal safety: Tourists want to be safe and secure when they are traveling. They want to be able to walk around the cities and towns without feeling threatened.
  2. Health safety: Tourists want to be healthy when they are traveling. They want to be able to eat the food and drink the water without getting sick.
  3. Property safety: Tourists want their property to be safe when they are traveling. They want to be able to leave their belongings in their hotel room or car without worrying about theft.
  4. Legal safety: Tourists want to be aware of the laws in the country they are visiting and be sure that they are not breaking any laws.
  5. Reputation safety: Safety is also important for the reputation of the country. Tourists who feel unsafe may not recommend the country to others, which can have a negative impact on the tourism industry.

Here are 30 things you should know to feel safe in Gambia:

  1. Low crime rates compared to other African countries
  2. Warm and welcoming locals who are eager to help and assist tourists
  3. English is widely spoken, making communication easy for tourists
  4. A stable political environment with a democratically elected government
  5. Presence of tourism police to ensure the safety and security of tourists
  6. Well-established tourist industry with reputable hotels, resorts, and tour operators
  7. Many popular tourist areas are guarded and patrolled by security personnel
  8. Tourist areas are generally well-lit and busy, making them less attractive to criminals
  9. The Gambia is a popular tourist destination with a reputation for safety and security
  10. The Gambia is known for its peaceful and non-violent culture
  11. The Gambia has a low incidence of terrorism and political unrest
  12. Strong community values and social networks in The Gambia help to maintain security
  13. Tourists are not targeted for crimes such as theft or robbery
  14. The Gambia has a low incidence of violent crime
  15. The Gambia has a high level of police presence in major tourist areas
  16. The Gambia has a strong legal system that is committed to ensuring the safety of tourists
  17. Tourists are respected and welcomed in Gambian society
  18. The Gambia is a stable and peaceful country with a friendly population
  19. The Gambia has a well-established tourist industry that takes security seriously
  20. The Gambia has a low incidence of fraud and scams targeting tourists
  21. The Gambia has a low incidence of drug-related crime
  22. The Gambia has a low incidence of sexual harassment and assault
  23. The Gambia has a strong community policing system
  24. The Gambia has a low incidence of petty crime such as pickpocketing
  25. Tourists are advised to take normal safety precautions, such as not leaving valuables unattended
  26. The Gambia is a popular destination for families and children
  27. The Gambia has a low incidence of food and waterborne illnesses
  28. The Gambia has a well-developed healthcare system that can provide medical assistance to tourists
  29. Tourism is our national asset, we go out of our way to protect it
  30. Your visits to the country have a direct impact on our GDP and job creation, your visits put food on our table. Your safety makes sure you will keep coming back and we will keep eating.

 In conclusion

If you ask those who have been to the Gambia, they will concur with the points listed above. When you visit, look around you: the majority of the flight will be full of tourists. And just so you know, the biggest contributors to Gambia’s tourism are people from the United Kingdom.

Please give us a chance, you won’t regret it.

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